* Ⅰ. Synthetic chemistry

The R&D center of Wisdom Pharmaceutical is located in Haimen, Jiangsu Province. There are a number of synthesis labs, including one specialized in fluorine chemistry, which totally can accommodate more than 100 synthetic chemists. In addition to the synthesis labs, kilo- lab with glass jacketed reactors (10L to 30L) and pilot workshop (clean room included) under the GMP condition with 20L to 200L reactors for small amount production are also equipped.

* Ⅱ. Process R&D

1. Wisdom Pharmaceutical has a world-class experienced synthetic chemistry leadership team together with dozens of synthetic chemists. We can provide customers with one-stop contract synthesis service (CRO + CMO + GMP), and meet the customers' growing demands for drugs, from the lab test sample to the commercial production, thus ensuring the smooth progress of clinical trials and commercialization of customers. Our professional process R&D team can quickly develop a feasible and efficient chemical synthetic route for the customer, and figure out the key issues of the synthetic chemistry then provide the most efficient solution.

2. We have completed hundreds of target compounds (from kilograms to tons) for our customers, with an average of a seven-step synthetic route. The successful completion rate is above 95%. To ensure the quality, our organic synthesis team keeps close communication and cooperation with the quality department. We conduct a complete inspection of every product before shipping out. Quality has won Wisdom countless praises from our customers.