* Located in provincial chemical zone
_ (Never stopped production in recent 5 years)

* Production license (old products)/Production registration (new products)

* Passed PSCI Inspection

* Standardization (Class II) of safety production

* VOCS compliance

* ISO14001, OHSAS18001

* Safety Production License, Pollution discharge license

* Registration for pilot production of all new projects

China Standardized Production Certificates

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

Waste Treatment

All waste treatment procedures are handled carefully in compliance with Chinese law. Wisdom Pharma possesses 2 wastewater treatment plants with the capability of 1500 tons per day. The wastewater is treated and then released. And the remaining waste is contracted out to the qualified disposal contractors. Each site at Wisdom Pharma also has an independent and highly efficient waste gas treatment system.

2 wastewater treatment plants with capability of 1500 tons per day

High efficient waste gas treatment system

Other EHS Facilities
* Nitrogen gas protection system in place for all facilities
* Earthing system
* Full PPE equipment for all operators
* Flammable gas/Smoke detectors equipped with the alarm systems
* Full firefighting system
* Movable oxygen detectors
* Safety monitoring camera in place for all areas

* Identification of Critical Safety Point (CSP) with emergency response plan available

* Daily site inspection by EHS administrators. (To check CSP/CPP/CCP, and potential safety hazard all around the plant site)

* Night site inspection by high level management members (To stay at the plant all the night, with at least two site inspection)

* Internal Safety Wechat group (All shift leaders need to check and report CSP/CPP/CCP in the Wechat before on duty)

* Internal rewards and penalties base on internal inspection

Safety Exercises